Double Degree Program

At Hochschule RheinMain, you can:

  • Study 1 year in Germany
  • Learn from teachers with business, technology, and design background
  • Receive two degrees (M.B.A. in Bangkok and M.A. in Wiesbaden)
  • Get to know German and European Markets
  • Improve your international career chances

Global Qualification

Throughout the world, internationally operating companies are looking for graduates with broad-based and globally applicable qualifications. Advanced skills such as these which can lead to optimal international job prospects are precisely what the RheinMain University's Double Degree Program is be offering.

RheinMain University's Master of Arts degree Media & Design Management was launched in 2009 and has been in great demand amongst applicants and booked to capacity ever since. It is based on the Bachelor of Arts courses Communications Design and Media Management or similar courses and imparts knowledge from the areas of Media Management, Media Design and Media Technology. The second and fourth semester are designed as a "mobility window" providing the opportunity for German students to go abroad, or for international students to come to Germany.

New Horizons

For all students, the experience gathered in the two socially and culturally diverse continents of Asia and Europe will be profound and unforgettable. In the light of current developments in terms of media policy and world economy, RheinMain University has seized the opportunity to expand its international competence with this innovative and forward-looking program.

RheinMain University's Department of Design Computer Science Media has developed this landmark Double Degree Program together with Ramkhamhaeng University's Institute of International Studies in Bangkok/Thailand on the basis of many years of successful cooperation.

Flexibility is Key

The courses credit points are mutually acknowledged by both universities which enables the students to graduate with both degrees. The exchange program is accessible to students of the MBA Marketing/Management degree at Ramkhamhaeng University, who will complete the second and fourth semester of the Master of Arts degree in Media & Design Management in Germany.

On completion of all the courses and the Master thesis the students of the Double Degree Program will receive their degree in "Master of Arts Media & Design Management" from the RheinMain University and in "MBA Marketing/Management" from Ramkamhaeng University.


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